Self-publishing on a budget can be difficult, we offer the option of pre-made and custom book covers to help ease the burden.

Covers are one of a kind. Only Sold Once.

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April Sale! All Pre-made covers are half price at $30 throughout the month.


A custom cover is $80 with a $20 deposit. Discounts can be given for Series covers, please message me with any inquiries.

All pre-made book covers are $60 unless on special offer.

Full Wraps are available for an extra $15 on top of the price already paid for the front/ebook cover.


When an author contacts me about working on a custom book cover, I will need your author name, book title and tagline if to be included.

Then I will need some details about the plot, characters, genre and general mood of the cover they would like.

It can take up to 48 hours to come up with the first design concept to be delivered to the author.

After feedback from the author, I can do another round of concepts if need be.

After the author approves the final version of the cover, the author then pays the last part of the payment and will receive the final version of the book cover without watermarks in 72dpi and 500dpi.

If you need any more information, just send me a message via the contacts page or sign up for the newsletter for information on any future deals.

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